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No Wonder Mike Huckabee Felt Comfortable Making That Holocaust Remark 

Why You Should Root for China’s Stock Market to Keep Crashing

It’s Shocking How Recently Trump’s and Cosby’s Alleged Crimes Weren’t Considered Rape

The Bachelorette Found the Lamest Possible Way to Accommodate Casual Sex

Meghan Trainor’s Interview About The Peanuts Movie Is a Total Disaster


Fear Rowhammer

An amazing computer vulnerability that no software patch can prevent.


The Timepiece That Will Change Everything

It’s not the Apple Watch. It’s a Swatch.

This Computer Attack Is Amazing, Frightening, and Unlike Anything Else. It’s Called Rowhammer.

The Timepiece That Will Revolutionize the Watch World Isn’t Made by Apple. It’s by Swatch.

States That Sell “Choose Life” License Plates to Benefit Anti-Abortion Groups. Massachusetts Is One.

Cities Should Be Forced to Host the Olympics

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