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The Black Film Canon

The 50 greatest movies by black directors.

U.S. Appeals Court Rules Against Trans Bathroom Discrimination. Will SCOTUS Weigh In Next?

Trump’s Rage at Reporters Is Proof That They’re Doing Their Jobs Beautifully

The Genius, Rule-Breaking Secret to Better Burgers

States Should Tax the Heck Out of Millionaires Without Worrying They’ll Flee


Is America’s Anger Real?

While anti-establishment fervor supposedly fuels this election, Americans remain satisfied with the status quo—even optimistic.

The Anti-Marathon

Don’t Run a Marathon

You have better things to do.

Is America Really in an Anti-Establishment Rage?

Don’t Run a Marathon. It Is Potentially Harmful and a Complete Waste of Your Time.

People Upset Over the Death of Harambe Are Focusing on the Wrong Gorilla Death

The Warriors Prove That “Hero Ball” Is Still a Noble Way to Win

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