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Has the Republican Establishment Created a Monster?

They wrote big checks to Jeb Bush before they knew what type of candidate he would be. Now he may become the spoiler they fear.

Donald Trump Tops Another Poll. This One Should Terrify the GOP Establishment.

Americans Are Increasingly Likely to Lead Lonely, Loveless Existences

Take a Class on Wittgenstein

It will explain why we always misunderstand one another on the Internet.

I Let My 3-Year-Old Frolic Naked on the Beach. Why Do People Have a Problem With That?


Obama’s Jewish Edge

How a black president is uniquely equipped to be tough on Israel.


The United Slang of America

If every state had an official word, what would it be? (Connecticut, you get glawackus.)

10 Principles That Have Guided Obama’s Most Difficult Conversations With Jews

If Every State Had an Official Word, What Would It Be? (Illinois Gets Grabowski.)

A First Aid Class Takes Less Time Than Three Episodes of Game of Thrones. Take One, and You Could Save Lives.

In 1933, Collier’s Implied That J. Edgar Hoover Was Gay in the Subtlest Way Imaginable

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Sept. 2 2015 3:05 PM “Nobody Called CPS on Louis C.K.” Writing about giving your baby the finger makes people on the Internet go a little crazy.