What Do Talking Apes Really Tell Us?

The strange, disturbing world of Koko the gorilla and Kanzi the bonobo.

Why the U.S. Made a Deal for Bowe Bergdahl but Not James Foley

The First Amendment Isn’t the Only One Being Violated in Ferguson

If Your Professor Requires You to Buy a Textbook That He Wrote, Drop That Class Today

Have Ferguson Police Learned Not to Point Guns at People?

The World

Did the U.S. Make Itself a Target of ISIS by Bombing Them?


You’ve Never Watched The Simpsons Before? That’s Unpossible!

Marathon-watching the show that gave my generation its soul.

Did the United States Make Itself a Target by Bombing ISIS?

You’ve Never Watched The Simpsons Before? That’s Unpossible!

Twitter and YouTube Suppressed Images of James Foley’s Beheading. Censorship, or the Right Call?

The Most Obscene Non-Pornographic Movie the Germans Have Ever Made

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