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Slack Off

How workplace chat is changing office culture. 

“Would You Attend a Gay Wedding?” Four Bad GOP Answers, and a Good One.

Pittsburgh-Area Students Organize “Anti-Gay Day” in Response to Anti-Bullying Efforts

You Can Download Everything You’ve Ever Googled

Google can, too.

Mad Men: Don Starts to Care About the Future Again

The Slatest

Europe Is to Blame for These Migrant Deaths

Hundreds of North Africans are drowning in the Mediterranean, and the EU has stopped trying to save them.


The Wolf of Wall Tweet

A Twitter-reading bot made millions on the options market. It also ate this guy’s lunch.

Europe Is to Blame for These Migrant Death

A Bot Made Millions on Wall Street by Reading Tweets. It Also Ate This Guy’s Lunch.

Walmart Workers Demanded Better Pay and Working Conditions. Then Walmart Closed Their Stores Because of “Plumbing Problems.”

Starbucks Is Selling a $50 Mother’s Day Gift Card for $200

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