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What Twitter Pundits Have to Say About the Republican Debate

Check out the instant spin room.

The Tea Party Backed Marco Rubio. Now Conservatives Think He’s a RINO. What Happened?

Sanders Gets Away With Things That Clinton Could Never Do

Why Apple Can’t Figure Out Television

Beyoncé’s New Single Is Both a Black Protest Anthem and an Absolute Jam


Are AR-15s Not Dangerous Enough to Ban?

They don’t kill as many people as handguns, which are totally legal, says a U.S. appeals court.

Sports Nut

Peyton Manning, You’re Our Only Hope

How the NFL’s model citizen could end the NFL’s dumb war on drugs.

The Supreme Court May Finally Have to Take a New Gun Case

How Peyton Manning Could End the NFL’s Dumb War on Drugs

This Debut Novel’s Brightly Broken Kid Ranks Alongside Our Best Child Protagonists

Apple Is Bricking Some iPhones Repaired by Third Parties

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