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How Trump Will Change America

A list of good, bad, ugly, and terrifying predictions.

The Unemployment Rate Is “Fiction,” According to Trump. So This Figure Is Perfect for Him.

“Lie” Isn’t Really the Right Way to Describe Trump’s Illegal-Voters B.S.

All the Oscar Nominations, Including 14 for, Yes, La La Land

How Long Would a Liberal Have to Cry to Fill a Mug With Tears?


Is Texas About to Execute an Innocent Man?

In an irrevocable miscarriage of justice, 32 jurors in this case were labelled “B.” All of them were struck.


See You in Court, Mr. President

The emoluments lawsuit against Donald Trump is an audacious gamble.

Texas Is Set to Execute Terry Edwards. That Would Be an Irrevocable Miscarriage of Justice.

The Emoluments Lawsuit Against Donald Trump Is an Audacious Gamble

How Should We Understand Mel Gibson’s Surprise Oscar Nomination?

The Seven Biggest Snubs and Surprises of the 2017 Oscar Nominations

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