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Sotomayor May Have Saved Obamacare

How she backed Kennedy and Roberts into a corner.

It Has Never Been More Painful and Humiliating to Be a Wisconsin Democrat

Is Common Core Really Teaching Children to Be Moral Monsters?

David Geffen Is Giving His Money Away

By paying to have his name stamped on as many things as possible. That’s pathetic.

King Brody’s Bar Mitzvah Invite Is the Friday Video We Need

The Eye

Why Do We Love Paris but Hate Frankfurt?

A Swiss author’s six qualities of beautiful cities.


How Sex Trafficking Became a Christian Cause Célèbre

Evangelicals made it less feminist and more mainstream.

Why Do We Love Paris but Hate Frankfurt? A Swiss Author’s Six Qualities of Beautiful Cities.

How Evangelicals Took Sex Trafficking From Feminists and Made It a Christian Cause Célèbre

At a Crucial Moment, Microsoft Again Stands Back While Google and Apple Lead the Way

American Apparel’s Sleazy Former CEO Is Leading a Worker Revolt Against the Company

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