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“I Always Felt Weird Around Him After That”

Fifty-six people shared stories of the “gray area” sexual encounters they can’t forget—and grappled with what harassment means to them.

Investors in the Panama Trump Tower Included a Notorious Criminal Who Laundered Drug Money

More Sexual Harassment Allegations Emerge Against Jeffrey Tambor

The Awesome Fox Tights Radhika Jones Probably Wore to Condé Nast

Why Wine Snobs Might Prefer to Drink Fake Wine in 10 Years

Brow Beat

The Whole Project Got Axed

The damage inflicted by sexual harassers in Hollywood extends to scores of actors, writers, and production workers.

Finally, I See

After years of resisting virtual reality, I get why it’s becoming the most exciting artistic medium.

The Other Victims of the Sexual Harassment Fallout

I Was a Virtual Reality Nonbeliever. Here’s What Converted Me.

The GOP Tax Bill Now Rewards Companies for Offering Paid Leave. Paid-Leave Advocates Aren’t Thrilled.

This Wearable Health Tracker Solves Most of the Problems With Wearables

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Dear Prudence
Nov. 16 2017 6:00 AM Finders Keepers, Cheaters Weepers I kicked out my terrible ex-boyfriend. Then I found $10,000 in cash that he left behind.