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The GOP Base Loves Trump

It sees itself in his foreign policy belligerence, anti-elite agitation, and raw bigotry.

The U.S. Workforce Just Hit a Low It Hasn’t Seen Since 1977

Chris Thile From Nickel Creek Is Taking Over A Prairie Home Companion. That’s Marvelous.

Libertarian Hero Richard Epstein’s Critique of Obergefell Is Embarrassing

The Rise and Fall of Insanely Expensive Purses

The Kids

It’s OK for Kids to Play With Pretend Guns

In fact, it might be good for them.


A Toxic Legacy

Workers like Yvette Flores didn’t know their jobs in electronics manufacturing could harm their children. And the U.S. does tragically little to protect them.

Don’t Worry About Your Kid Playing With Toy Guns. It Might Be Good for Them.

The U.S. Isn’t Just Failing to Protect Electronics Workers From Toxic Substances. Their Kids Are Suffering, Too.

England’s Response to Laura Bassett’s Own Goal Nightmare Offers Lesson for Men’s Sports

New York City Has Taken Its War With Uber to a Whole New Level

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