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The Transgender Ban Will Weaken the Military

America’s armed services struggle to attract young recruits. Trump’s policy will make that job even harder.

GOP Senators Who Refused to Pass Trumpcare Have No Business Voting for “Skinny Repeal” Either

Trump DOJ Argues Federal Civil Rights Law Does Not Protect Gay Employees

Ivanka Didn’t Stop Her Dad’s Transphobic Policy. She’s Been Mum.

Does Kushner Look Like the Babadook or the Stranger Things Girl?


Apple’s Silence Is Trump’s Win

Tim Cook is letting the president make dubious claims about his company. Why?

Move Cautiously and
Break Nothing

Tech titans want to stand up to Trump and sit down with him. Will Silicon Valley ever join the resistance?

Trump Made a Dubious Claim About Apple. The Company’s Silence Speaks Volumes.

What Will It Look Like When Silicon Valley Joins the Resistance?

The Latest CTE Study Looks Damning for Football, but It Doesn’t Say Anything New

Beast Is the Novel an Author Writes When He Thinks the World Is Doomed

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