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Why the “October Surprise” Is Dead

Whatever they reveal, the new Weiner emails probably won’t hurt Clinton. Tribalism reigns.

What We Know and Don’t Know About the New Clinton Email Revelations

Trump Mistook a Black Supporter for a Protester at His Rally and Called Him a “Thug”

Amy Schumer Does Not Seem to Know How to Take Criticism

Trump Humiliated a Miss Universe Onstage With an Orgasm Joke


The One Useful Thing to Come Out of Trump’s Campaign

It’s worth tens of millions of dollars.


No Girls Allowed

How America’s persistent preference for brash boys over “sivilizing” women fuelled the candidacy of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s List of Supporters Is Worth Tens of Millions of Dollars. But Who Owns It?

America’s Persistent Preference for Brash Boys Over “Sivilizing” Women Fuelled Trump’s Rise

Judge Blocks Alabama Abortion Laws, Invokes the South’s History of Racist Misogyny

Conservative Pundits Snicker at Hillary Clinton’s Weiner Problem

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