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How Sinclair Broadcast Group and Boris Epshteyn took administration propaganda from the Oval Office to the local news.

Trump Reportedly Asked Lawyers About Extent of His Power to Pardon Himself

In Retrospect It’s Shocking That Jeff Sessions Recused Himself From the Russia Investigation

Linkin Park Singer Chester Bennington Dies at 41

Dunkirk Is Playing in Six (!) Formats. How to Choose the One for You.

The Slatest

Maybe It’s All About Money Laundering

Dirty money is the tie that binds nearly everyone involved in the Trump–Russia scandal.

The Power of Fear

History suggests it’s helped to forestall nuclear war. Can it do the same for climate change?

Maybe What Russia Wants From Trump Is Permission to Launder Its Dirty Money

Will Fear Help Us Fix Climate Change? Here’s What It Did for Nuclear War.

Asking Job Applicants for Their Salary Histories Is Cruel and Has to Stop

Congress Might Let 100,000 Self-Driving Cars Hit the Road

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