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Fade to Black Friday

Retailers have always relied on the biggest shopping day of the year. It’s no longer enough.

Flynn’s Split With Trump’s Legal Team Shows He May Be Cooperating With Mueller

Why Facebook Broke Its Promise to Stop Allowing Racist Housing Ads

The Six Main Causes of Car Crashes

The Most Menacing Roles of Hollywood’s New Favorite Villain


#MeToo Is Changing Minds

These three Slate readers used to think rape culture was a myth. Today’s cultural shift is opening their eyes.

Do Your Holiday Duty

Leave thoughtful reviews for stuff you get.

#MeToo Is Changing Minds—Even Among Rape Skeptics in Online Comments Sections

There’s a Moral Argument for Leaving Good Product Reviews

Swoony and Seductive, Call Me by Your Name Is One of the Great Cinematic Pleasures of the Year

The 11 Best Gadget Gifts for Less Than $100

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