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Kagan vs. Gorsuch

An extraordinary leak suggests a ferocious conflict between the two justices.

Fox News Had a Good Segment

The Senate Must Flatter Trump for Any Hope of Stabilizing Obamacare

Why the Fall of Raqqa Doesn’t Feel Like Much of a Victory

The Fake Melania Meme Is Absurd, but Somehow Plausible


Trump’s Absolute Incoherence

Let us marvel at the president’s nonsensical rationale for sabotaging Obamacare.


The New Man Show

Jimmy Kimmel—mouthy, mean, and quick to cry—is the perfect foil for Donald Trump. But how long can he play the hero?

Let Us Marvel at the Absolute Incoherence of Trump’s Rationale for Sabotaging Obamacare

What Makes Jimmy Kimmel the Perfect Foil for Donald Trump

Jeff Sessions Is Using Phony Executive Privilege to Shield Trump, and the Senate GOP Is Letting Him

Building a Giant Dome Over Manhattan Was One of Many Unrealized Dreams for New York

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