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How Trump Could Win 

It’s a long shot. A very, very long shot.

Huge Changes on Twitter Will Let You Say More in Every Tweet

Why Female Celebrities Endure the Quiet Violence of the Unwanted Kiss

Even Environmentalists Are Giving in to Fracking—This Explains Our Climate Change Problem

Neo-Nazis Consider Taylor Swift Their “Aryan Goddess”


Sore Losers

After dissenting in a key case, Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas are still trying to keep juvenile offenders in prison for life.


Shorter Isn’t Better

The Wall Street Journal says Nigerian players have developed an amazing new Scrabble strategy. Don’t believe the hype.

Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas Are Still Trying to Keep Juvenile Offenders Behind Bars for Life

That Brilliant New Strategy For Conquering Scrabble? It’s Not New. Or Brilliant.

The Matt Bruenig Flap Reveals How Caustic Ideologues Become Internet Martyrs

What the Heck Happened to the Golden State Warriors?

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