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The Transgender Ban Will Weaken the Military

America’s armed services struggle to attract young recruits. Trump’s policy will make that job even harder.

A Key Senate Official Is Throwing a Wrench Into the GOP’s Health Care Plan

Transgender Service Members’ Medical Costs Are Not a “Burden.” They’re Cheaper Than Viagra.

T.J. Miller Is the Worst Kind of Grad-School Bro

Ivanka Didn’t Stop Her Dad’s Transphobic Policy. She’s Been Mum.

Expelling Transgender Troops Motivates Bigoted Midwestern Voters, White House Says

Should Progressives Root for Donald Trump to Fire Jeff Sessions?

Why Young Men Might Be Playing Video Games Instead of Working. (It’s Not Just Because They’re Fun.)

What the Heck Has Happened to the Senate? Norm Ornstein Has Ideas.

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