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The Sinister Stupidity
of Fox & Friends

Trump’s favorite show has all the hallmarks of bad morning TV—with a whiff of authoritarianism.

Trump Wants Credit for the Desperate Effort to Clean Up His Health Care Mess

A YA Novel About “Mob Mentalities” Is Being Punished After Online Backlash

Courtney Love Tried to Warn People About Weinstein in 2005

Great, Now iPhones Are Sending Us “Memories” We Don’t Want, Too


Trump’s ACA Sabotage Is Illegal

How the courts could stop him.

Mind the Wi-Fi

A brilliant experiment is helping the London subway find out how people really travel.

Trump’s Plan to Kill Obamacare Is Likely to Fail in the Courts

Cities Don’t Really Know How Riders Use Their Subways. London Has a Clever Way to Find Out.

Every Worker in America Could Get $1,000 a Year for the Cost of Trump’s Corporate Tax Cut

TV Ratings Continue to Plummet for Sport That Once Epitomized Middle-American Values

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