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Trump’s Favorite Judge

Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro embodies a kindergartener’s idea of justice. No wonder the president loves her.

Melania Trump’s Popularity Has Soared 17 Points Since January

The Pentagon Spent $22 Million in Under-the-Radar Program to Study UFOs

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What Black Voters Won

Alabama is proof that they can deliver elections for Democrats—but only if the party delivers for them.


He Made Us All Victims and Accomplices

For 20 years, I’ve felt it was too early to speak up about Judge Alex Kozinski. Now I fear it’s too late.

Net Neutrality Is Over. Now What?

In 2017, Even Rudolph Is Problematic

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Dec. 14 2017 6:19 PM Can You Use This Data Set to Find Serial Killers? The New Yorker’s recent piece on the Murder Accountability Project was fascinating. It also led us to look closely at the data it uses—and we have some advice for would-be serial killer detectors.