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Was John Hancock’s Signature Too Big?

Or was everyone else’s too small?

This Dairy Company Says American Cheese Shouldn’t Be Called “American.” That’s Bunk.

No, FIFA, Team Doctors Are Not Neutral Arbiters of Concussions

Don’t Worry About Your Kid Playing With Toy Guns. It Might Be Good for Them.

An Illustrated History of the Bikini


The Most Unjust Decision of the SCOTUS Term

A tenacious Mississippi prosecutor will get to execute this man because of a legal error.


The Best Fourth of July Speech in American History

It was delivered on the fifth of July.

The Most Unjust Decision of This Supreme Court Term

You Should Read Frederick Douglass’s Funny, Fiery, Still Relevant Fourth of July Oration

The Crushing, Humiliating Failures That Made These U.S. Women’s World Cup Players the Stars They Are Today

Magic Mike Was Such a Tease. The Sequel Gives Women What They Want.

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