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Medical Examiner

What the Gardasil Testing May Have Missed

There’s no evidence that the HPV vaccine causes serious harm, but an investigation shows the trials weren’t designed to properly assess safety.

How Trump Could Derail Mueller’s Investigation Without Firing Mueller

You’re Not Imagining It: The Internet Is Really Slow Right Now

SNL: Scarlett Johansson Hangs an Ornament on Trump’s Tree of Shame

Ted Cruz Tried to Lecture Mark Hamill About Star Wars. It Didn’t Go Well.

Trump Judicial Nominee Withdraws From Consideration After Humiliating Senate Hearing

Democrats Should Follow the Doug Jones Playbook on Abortion Rights in 2018

Dock-Less Bike Share Is Ready to Take Over America. It’s Going to Be Messy—and Worth It.

A New Study Calls Into Question the Way We Think About “Good” and “Bad” Schools

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