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Echoes of
Dred Scott

The DOJ’s new anti-
abortion stance recalls
the worst Supreme Court
decision in history.

The Unbelievable Reason Why Trump Put Chad on the Travel Ban

The Russia Story According to Fox News: Obama and Clinton Were the Colluders

What the Hell Happened to Val Kilmer in The Snowman?

Colin Farrell’s New Film Is Like a Greek Myth Directed by Stanley Kubrick


Snap Decisions

Snapchat soared because it chose to follow intuition over data. That may be its downfall, too.

Why Amy Cuddy
Was Disempowered

Her controversial research on the “power pose” was a bust because everyone expected too much from it.

Snapchat Was Built on Intuition, Not Data. Is That Why It’s Struggling?

Was Power-Posing Guru Amy Cuddy Shamed by Scientists Because She’s a Woman?

Shooters Aren’t Monsters. Humanizing Them Is the Best Hope for Preventing Heinous Crimes.

Google Parent Alphabet’s Investment in Lyft Isn’t Just About Uber

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