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Smooth Move

Donald Trump’s idiotic shutdown threat could destroy his presidency.

Trump’s Defining Trait Has Become More Clear Than Ever and Could Start a War

Hive-Mind Worship of “Science” at the Weekend’s March Hurt the Cause

The Best Signs From the March for Science

Official State Department Web Site Is Promoting Mar-a-Lago


“He’s Learning on the Job”

A lonely Trump defender in academia is still making excuses.

The Good Fight

The Real Lessons of the French Election

Far from a triumph for liberal democracy, the results show just how imperiled it continues to be.

A Lonely Trump Defender in the Academy Attempts to Continue Defending Trump

Yes, Emmanuel Macron Will Likely Win the French Election. No, That’s Not Necessarily Such an Encouraging Sign.

This Indie Bookstore Harassed Piers Morgan With Harry Potter Quotes, and Readers Are Rewarding It Handsomely

Alex Jones Destabilizes the Truth Wherever He Goes. Even His Custody Trial.

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