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New Bernie Sanders Polls Show He Could Win

He might actually stand a chance in a general election.

Why Scalia and Thomas Skipped the Pope but Were Happy to Attend Red Mass

Physics Nobel Goes to Neutrinos, Which Are Passing Through Your Body Right Now by the Billions

Ken Jeong on the Early Backlash to Dr. Ken

In America, It’s Normal for Landlords to Cheat You Out of Your Security Deposit

It doesn’t have to be that way.

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A Third Intifada? 

Violence is flaring up in Israel and the West Bank. Here’s where it’s probably heading.


Jack Is Back

Twitter’s new CEO, Jack Dorsey, is self-important, conniving, and has another job. He might be perfect.

Is the Violence in Israel and the West Bank the Start of a Third Intifada, or Just More of the Horrible Same? 

Twitter’s New CEO Is Self-Important, Conniving, and Has Another Job. He’s Perfect.

Jason Chaffetz Thinks He’s the Speaker the GOP Needs to Unite Its Members. He’s Dreaming.

Sally Ride’s Partner Wrote a Children’s Book About Their Relationship. It’s Inspiring.

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