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Weapon of Self-Destruction

How the Iraq war wrecked the GOP.

Trump’s Foundation Looks a Lot Like a Personal Piggy Bank

Donald Trump Reportedly Didn’t Pay Attention During His Debate Prep

A Great New Comic About a Hard-Luck Undecided Voter in 2016

This Review of a New Hitler Biography Basically Doubles as an Anti-Trump Warning

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Will Hillary Pay for Bill Clinton’s Mistake?

Trump is hammering her on trade—all because of the 2000 pact with China that transformed America’s economy.


Should the Media Downplay the New Murder Spike?

Depending on your politics, the FBI’s new stats can look scary or meaningless. Here’s a more honest reading.

Bill Clinton’s Last Great Victory Is the Reason Hillary Gets Hammered on Trade Today

The Media Either Downplayed or Overplayed the Murder Spike. Here’s a More Honest Reading.

The Cost of Child Care in America Is Even More Outrageous Than You Thought

Sabrina the Teenage Witch Is Heading Gary Johnson’s Campaign in Connecticut

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