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Future Tense

Time Is Running Out

There are only two ways left
to save net neutrality.

Millennials Are Screwed if Republicans Successfully Change This One Word in the Tax Code

Trump Supporters Are Arguing With One Another Over Net Neutrality

Crash Avoidance

The six main causes of car crashes—and how to avert them this Thanksgiving.

Why Don’t We Eat Puddings on Thanksgiving Anymore?

The Slatest

Trump’s Most Dangerous Judicial Nominee

“Religious freedom” proponent Jeff Mateer would wreak havoc.

Hate It When Passengers
Cheer for Airplane Landings?

I thought I did too.

“Religious Freedom” Proponent Jeff Mateer Is the Most Dangerous of Trump’s Judicial Nominees

Why Do People Applaud When Planes Land?

Former Team USA Gymnastics Doctor Has Confessed to Sexually Assaulting Children

A Quaint 1977 Proposal for Combating Workplace Sexual Harassment: More Taboos

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