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The Vulgar Dealmaker

Donald Trump rallies his New Hampshire base ahead of Tuesday’s primary.

Marco Rubio’s Painful Encounter With a Gay Voter Perfectly Illustrates His Robot Problem

Cracking Down on Anti-Vaxxers May Be Easier Than We Thought

Why Everyone Hated the Super Bowl This Year

HBO’s Vinyl Has the Ingredients of Great TV, but Something Is Still Missing



The question isn’t whether Marco Rubio is a robot—it’s who programmed him.

The Grind

I Was a Super Bowl Concession Worker

What it’s like making less than $13 an hour to serve $13 beers at one of the biggest games on Earth.

The Question Isn’t Whether Marco Rubio Is a Robot—It’s Who Programmed Him

I Made Less Than $13 an Hour to Serve $13 Bud Lights at the Super Bowl

The Candidate Who Won New Hampshire in 1964 Without Lifting a Finger

“Empowerment” Rhetoric Is Being Used to Disguise Bad Health Advice for Women

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