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How Obama Abandoned Iraq

Why the rise of ISIS and the fall of Iraq weren’t inevitable. 

Every City Should Copy New York’s Brave New Police Policy

States Can’t Get Elite Attorneys to Defend Their Gay Marriage Bans. Hurray!

Pirate Bay Co-Founder Held in Swedish Prison Without Nintendo

How to Speak Uber

Brag about all the jobs you’re creating. Ignore the fact that they’re not actual jobs.

Medical Examiner

A Vaccine Harmed My Son

I’d still vaccinate him again.

Sports Nut

Golden Status

The Warriors are the best team since Jordan’s Bulls. Why aren’t they respected as such?

A Vaccine Harmed My Son

The Warriors Are the Best Team Since Jordan’s Bulls. Why Aren’t They Respected as Such?

Forget The Force Awakens. Abrams Should Have Made This Deeply Felt, Oscar-Ready Drama About Han Solo in Winter.

Letter From Prominent Doctors Urges Columbia to Fire Dr. Oz for Being a Quack

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