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Trump’s Judges
Will Transform America

His appointments are part of a long-term plan to overturn marriage equality, even if it takes 50 years.

Mueller Is Investigating Trump’s Oval Office Russia Meeting. That’s Important!

Jimmy Kimmel Tears Into Everyone Who Came After Him for Speaking Out About Health Care

Mexico Earthquake Deaths Top 200, Maria Hits Puerto Rico

Why Do This Dating App’s Terms of Service Have a Polo Section?

Future Tense

A Future Without Capitalism

Almost no one can conceive of it—or is willing to.

The “Mystery” of
Female Friendship

Many great books have explored
the theme, but what’s left
to say? Two new novels
keep searching for
fresh truths.

Even the Most Far-Out Visions of the Future Assume Capitalism Will Survive

Why Conversations with Friends Feels Like a New Spin on the Novel of Female Friendship

C’mon, Equifax: The Company Tweeted the Wrong Link for Its Help Website About the Data Breach—Seven Times

This Obamacare-Repeal Bill Finds New Ways to Be Awful for Women’s Health

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