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One Last Round of
Outrageous Lies

Roy Moore closed his Senate campaign
the same way he ran most of it.

Gloria Allred Says This Analysis Proves Roy Moore Wrote That Yearbook Inscription

We Still Don’t Know Why Three Outlets “Confirmed” the Same Bogus Russia Story Last Week

A Small Change That Could Make Our Phones So Much Better

Punishment Is Not Enough to Change Our Culture of Misogyny

Brow Beat

The New Yorker’s “Cat Person” Story Is Great

Too bad the internet ruined it.

I Miss the Family Computer Era

It kept our digital lives from taking over our real lives.

TNY’s “Cat Person” Story Is Great. Too Bad the Internet Turned It Into a Piping-Hot Thinkpiece.

I’m Glad I Grew Up Before Smartphones Took Over. I’m Glad I Grew Up With a Family Computer.

Treasury’s “Analysis” of the GOP Tax Plan Is One Page and Contains No Actual Analysis

All the Ways the FCC’s Process for Killing Net Neutrality Has Been Shady

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