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 A Swing and a Miss

Peter Schweizer’s attack on the Clintons leads with his conclusions and never connects the dots.

These Conservatives Have a Plan to Thin the Already-Crowded GOP Presidential Field

Clinton Cash Doesn’t Have a Smoking Gun, but What It Says About Money and Politics Is Still Troubling

Concierge Medicine Means Only the Ridiculously Rich Can Find a Doctor

No, Beards Are Not a Hive of Disgusting Bacteria


“It’s Time to Work on Your Novel”

Google wants to build a calendar app that knows how you should spend your time better than you do.


I Googled That?

Looking back at my Google search history, one animal sex part at a time.

Google Is Building a Calendar That Knows You’re a Hopeless Procrastinator

Looking Back at My Google Search History, One Animal Sex Part at a Time

There’s a Big Problem With Abstinence-Based Sex Ed. This Texas High School Learned It the Hard Way.

Three Teachers Tell Us the Worst Advice They Got When They Started in the Classroom

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