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No Girls Allowed

How America’s persistent preference for brash boys over “sivilizing” women fuelled the candidacy of Donald Trump.

Trump Mistook a Black Supporter for a Protester at His Rally and Called Him a “Thug”

FBI Director Announces in Cryptic Letter That Bureau Has Found More Clinton Emails

Vine Made the Internet a Better Place

Here’s all the proof you need.

Amy Schumer Does Not Seem to Know How to Take Criticism


The One Useful Thing to Come Out of Trump’s Campaign

And it’s worth tens of millions of dollars.


Eight Is Not Enough

Senate Republicans believe the Supreme Court will be just fine permanently operating one justice down. Here’s how John Roberts can talk sense into them.

Donald Trump’s List of Supporters Is Worth Tens of Millions of Dollars. But Who Owns It?

John Roberts Needs to Take a Stand Against Senate Republicans. And He Needs to Do It Now.

Judge Blocks Alabama Abortion Laws, Invokes the South’s History of Racist Misogyny

Apple’s New MacBooks Are Beautiful and a Little Disappointing

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