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Hillary Clinton’s Moderation Is a Virtue

She shouldn’t apologize for being a moderate. That’s what would make her a good president.

Is the Clinton Campaign Worried About Losing Nevada?

Rich White Parents Champion Charter Schools, Would Never Send Their Kid to One

All of the Dowager Countess’ Finest Burns

Kanye’s Misogynistic Feud With Taylor Is a Sad Spectacle


Religious Liberty Had a Week of Victories

And that’s terrifying.


Subway Cars Should Be Like Centipedes

Most of the world has figured out this simple solution to overcrowding. Why does the U.S. resist it?

Is West Virginia Going to Pass a “Get of Jail Free” Bill?

Most of the World’s Subways Have a Smart, Simple Fix for Overcrowding. Why Does the U.S. Resist It?

Bernie and Hillary Have Major Differences on Climate Change—but No One Ever Asks Them About It

A Startup That Organizes Gang Bangs Claims It Offers More Than Just Wild Sex

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