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Netanyahu’s Deadly Gambit

The Israeli prime minister is insincere. The only outcomes that would please him are Iranian regime change or outright war.

The Fuss Over Hillary’s Email Isn’t About Whether She Broke a Rule. It’s About if She Can Be Trusted.

Netanyahu Just Did Obama a Big Favor

Bibi’s speech inadvertently proved that the current negotiations are our best strategy for dealing with Iran.

Dream On, Baby Boomers. You Will Retire. And It Will Be Bleak.


No One in America Thinks They’re Rich

Especially not rich people.


The Gross Hypocrisy of Benjamin Netanyahu

Don’t pretend Bibi didn’t mean to offend Obama. He is a bully and a liar. 

There Are No Rich People in America

Benjamin Netanyahu Is a Bully and a Hypocrite

The Parents Who Let Their Kids Walk Home Alone Were Charged With “Unsubstantiated Child Neglect”

It’s Possible Hillary Clinton Used Her Personal Email to Make It More Secure

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