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War Stories

How the Iran Deal Will Pass—and Why It Should

Lawmakers decided to read the actual agreement.

Chicago Activists Are on Day 11 of a Hunger Strike Over This School’s Closure

After the Virginia Shooting, New York Daily News’ Cover Crosses the Line

My Bet With Sinéad O’Connor

After I reviewed her new album, she called me and asked me to give her discography another listen. If I changed my mind about her music, I owed her a Happy Meal. 


Donald Trump’s Unwavering Popularity Among Women Is Troubling

The Slatest

“Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People”

NBC producers recall the awkward tension in the control room after Kanye’s Katrina diatribe.


The Frightening Power of the Home-Schooling Lobby

As a small but fierce group fends off regulation, child neglect—and even abuse—is falling through the cracks.

“George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People”: Behind the Scenes of Kanye’s Katrina Moment  

Home Schooling Is Shockingly Underregulated. This Small but Fierce Lobbying Group Is Why.

The Story Behind the One-Pan, Nine-Minute Pasta Recipe That Took Over the Internet

John Oliver Really Loves Making Fun of How Terrible Americans Are at Geography

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